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Domaine Christian Moreau Pere Fils Wines

With the help of his middle son, Fabien, Christian Moreau Pere et Fils produces Chardonnay in the heart of Chablis, from vineyards that have been in their family name for six generations. His...Read More

Products (6)
Domaine Christian Moreau Pere Fils : Chablis Village 2020
$38.99 / Unit
Domaine Christian Moreau Pere Fils : Chablis Village 2019
$38.99 / Unit
Domaine Christian Moreau Pere Fils : Chablis Grand cru "Les Clos" 2020
$169.99 / Unit
Domaine Christian Moreau Pere Fils : Chablis Grand cru "Les Clos" 2018
$149.99 / Unit
Domaine Christian Moreau Pere Fils : Chablis Village 2018
$34.99 / Unit
Domaine Christian Moreau Pere Fils : Chablis Grand cru "Les Clos" 2019
$149.99 / Unit
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