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Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is a white wine varietal grown most famously in the northeastern region  Alto Adige in Italy. Known for their light, crisp, dry style, Pinot Grigio is grown all over the globe, most notably the USA, Germany, Australia and France. To produce the light and fresh style of Italian Pinot Grigio, fermentation takes place in stainless-steel tanks, to retain the acidity and fruit characteristics. This light style of Pinot Grigio wines are meant to be consumed within two years from the vintage date. There are examples of premium wines made from the Pinot Grigio grape, most notably in Alsace, where it is known as Pinot Gris. These styles are often riper, fuller with a spicy characteristics. 

Cora : Pinot Grigio 2018
Veneto - Veneto - White
 H.T.1 Bottle (750ML)
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