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South African Wines

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South Africa is one of the most ancient vineyards of the New World. It was established in the 17th century by Huguenots, french people who were forced to live their country after the Edict of Nantes revocation. They then occupied this dutch colony with varietals that came from France. During the 18th century, Constance wine - coming from Constantia in the Cap region- delighted european tables, especially the crowned heads. The South-African vineyard was estimated at 100 200 hectares and it seduces by it great diversity. Indeed, each region possesses its specifics. 95% of the wines are produced in the Cap province, in the South. One can distinguish between several regions- Orange River, Olifants River, Klein Karoo, Breede River Valley, Coastal Region... - which benefit from a Mediterranean climate.Read More