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Questions and Answers About Wine Futures


What are Wine Futures?

Futures, sometimes called en-primeur, is a way for anyone to buy the most highly-demanded Bordeaux wines 1-2 years before they are bottled and released on the market. Essentially, you purchase the wine while still in the barrel, and the Chateau will age it for you before release 1 to 2 years later.
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What are the benefits of buying Wine Futures?

Even if you aren't a wine professional, you can still benefit from buying wine before it is bottled and released on the market. The biggest advantage of buying wine futures is price. The Futures price is almost always lower than the release price on the market. Buying wine Futures also allows you to buy the most highly demanded wines that may be virtually impossible to find when they are released on the market in a variety of different formats from half bottles to Nebuchadnezzar. In addition, when you purchase wines Futures from Millesima, you are guaranteed to receive wines of pristine provenance and in their original wooden cases if available. Special occasions are also a major reason why Futures wines are purchased. Year of birth, weddings, anniversaries, or a unique and rare wine to celebrate other milestones such as graduations or retirement are some situations when Futures wines can make the perfect gift. Learn more about why buy wine futures


What is the Timing of the Futures campaign?

After En-Primeur/ Futures week, which occurs every year after harvest in the late spring, prices will start releasing at any time. It is very unpredictable and no one knows when the wines will be released, so it’s very important to stay alert! A campaign that starts in mid-April can finish, for example, around mid-July, with variations according to vintage. The campaign concludes when each estate has released its prices.

When are Futures wines shipped to the United States?

Wines purchased as Futures are subject to arrive in the United States at various times and are not guaranteed to arrive on any exact date. Delivery usually takes place 2 years after the wine has been released, typically between the months of February and December. Wines vary depending on the Chateau's bottling date and format ordered. For example, large formats are typically bottled after smaller formats. Please inquire with Millesima for more details.

When is payment due? What do I pay for (shipping, sales tax)?

The payment of the wine is due upon purchase: you will pay only for the wine and will not be charged for any sales tax and/or shipping fees. Any applicable fees will be due only at the time of the wine delivery.


What are the risks?

As with any major investment, risks are involved in purchasing wine futures, but they are very minimal, especially when purchasing wine from Millesima. Since Millesima SA is an established Bordeaux negociant since 1982, we only purchase wine directly from the Chateau and will sell only the wine that we own. The biggest advantage of purchasing wine futures is the low release price. It is rare that the price of a wine will be lower when it arrives to the United States than its first Futures price, but it has happened in some really specific vintages (with low quality and high prices).

When purchasing from Millesima:

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Why can't I buy by just one half-bottle / bottle / magnum?

Purchasing Futures wines in limited quantities is possible and will be dealt with on a per-basis circumstance. However, please keep in mind that purchasing just one or two bottles of Futures wines is virtually insufficient, as these wines develop slowly and there is no way of knowing the perfect time to open the bottle. It would be a shame to open the wine when it is not at its peak. By purchasing more than one bottle, you can take the journey with the wine over time. Please contact us at our retail location located on Manhattan's Upper East Side at 212-639-9463, and we would be happy to assist you.

What if I want to know more about a wine before I buy it?

Wine critics, journalists, Chateau owners and more professionals in the Wine Industry will publicly post copious amounts of information during the Futures campaign, which starts in April and ends once all the Chateaus release their prices.

In addition to these industry professionals, Millesima employs a team of wine experts from a wide range of educational disciplines and backgrounds. Every year, our team participates in the En-Primeur week tastings in Bordeaux and we are always eager to share our experiences with you.


How long are wines available at the Futures price?

Wine prices will change at any time before final release and it is a good idea to purchase the wine immediately upon release. Certain Chateau will release wine in tranches, which means that the first tranch will contain a limited quantity at the best price. The second tranch will also be a limited quantity at a more expensive price, etc.

What happens if I move before my wine arrives in the United States?

Millesima will contact you to arrange delivery when the wine arrives to our store in New York City. At that time, we will confirm all information including the delivery address. However you can always contact us to provide your new details especially if you change your email address and/or phone number.

What happens if I change my mind before my wine arrives in the United States?

Wines purchased as Futures are non-refundable and purchases cannot be cancelled for a full refund. Please see terms and conditions

Is delivery charge included in the purchase price?

Millesima can arrange shipping to certain states and will charge each customer a delivery fee if appropriate. The delivery fee is not included in the price of the wine. Each customer will be responsible to pay for the delivery fee once the wines arrive to our store in New York.
Please see our Shipping Policy for more details or contact our NYC store for additional details.

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