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Wine and Champagne Gift sets

Millesima, your Manhattan wine store is delighted to offer made-to-order wine gifts!

Create your own personalized gifts for your friends or clients, we’ll take care of it all. From wrapping to shipping, let our professionals handle your special gifts to help you create a lasting impression.

Our Promise

  • Advice

    There is a wine for every occasion, let our wine professionals find the perfect wine pairing or help you make that special connection with your clients.

  • Quality and Authenticity

    Sourced from the estate or licensed distributor, we never purchase wines from private collectors or at auction. Guaranteeing provenance and storage conditions.

  • Choice

    A curated selection of over 12,000 bottles of rare wines from excellent vintages, enjoy the largest selection of Bordeaux wines in Manhattan, from Magnums to Jeroboams, let us help you find the perfect bottle.

  • Personalization

    Personalize your corporate gifts with your card or logo. Gift wrapping is included at no additional cost.

With over 12,000 bottles of wines from around the globe, browse our curated selection from:
Bordeaux, Champagne, Napa Valley, Rhone Valley, Tuscany and more. Let us help you find the perfect wine for your occasion!


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Contact us at 212-639-9463 to speak directly with one of our advisors.

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