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Catherine et Pierre Breton

Catherine and Pierre Breton are stars in the Loire Valley and their wines are made following what we can call the natural wine movement. Most of their production is Chinon and Bourgueil, with a little bit of Vouvray, using Cabernet Franc and very little Chenin Blanc. The estate has various types of soils on which all these different varietals grow: slate, gravel, schist, clay  and the yellow “tuffeau”, a classic of the Loire. For 25 years, the estate, which is 15 acre vineyard, has been farmed organically and biodynamically for 19 years now. Catherine and Pierre Breton aim to create wines that are the perfect reflection of its terroir and vintage.

Catherine et Pierre Breton : Saint Louans 2010
Loire - Chinon - Red
 H.T.1 Magnum (1.5L)
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