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Palacios Remondo

The links that connect the Palacios Remondo family to winemaking dates back to 1651. With this legacy, Jose Palacios Remondo took over the family estate and planted the best Rioja traditional, which breathed new life into the Domaine Palacios Remondo.

Before he passed away in 2000, he worked with passion and dedication to transform the viticultural landscape in Spain, and passed along his vision and his desire for an international expansion of the region to his sons, both of whom studied oenology in Bordeaux and trained at some of the most beautiful estates in Bordeaux.

Located in the eastern part of the Rioja Baja region, north of the town of Alfaro in Spain, the Palacios Remondo estate has a 100-hectare vineyard that benefits from a prime location at the foot of the Yerga Mountain. The vineyards planted on rolling hills enjoy an excellent south-east exposure at an elevation of up to 550 metres.

This area is known for high water stress, but the Palacios Remondo estate does not irrigate its vines and favors limited yields to get higher quality grapes.

As the flagship variety, Garnacha is the queen and has a major presence in the estates’s blends. Graciano, Mazuelo and the well-known Spanish black grape variety Tempranillo can be found in the blends as well. The white wines the estate produces are made from Macabeu, known locally as Vuira, and is limited to an area of 8 hectares. This area is located on the central part of the "Finca", which allows the grapes to achieve optimal ripeness that gives bright, fresh and lively juices.

The wines from the Palacios Remondo estate offer an immersion into the heart of Rioja through the expression of its terroir, authenticity and naturalness with each one testifying to a unique style.

92+ / 100
Palacios Remondo : La Montesa 2015
La Rioja - Rioja - Red
 H.T. H.T.1 Bottle (750ML)
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