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The history of CVNE (or Compania Vinicola del Norte de Espana) began in 1879. This family bodega was founded by two brothers in the district of Haro Station, in the region of Rioja in Spain. The strategic location of the company has allowed the winery to develop the marketing of their wines and has also facilitated the transport of wine barrels and the bottling process. Since then, the fifth generation continues the family legacy, and the company has become one of the major wine groups of Spain.

CVNE expands over 545 hectares planted with vines, in the areas of La Rioja Alta and La Rioja Alavesa, both blessed with exceptional terroirs.

Tradition, innovation and a never-ending quest for quality - these are the values of CVNE. A true pioneer, CVNE was the first bodega to ferment in concrete vats in 1940, before acquiring a gravity-fed winery to preserve the aromatic intensity of the fruit.

Expressing the strong identity of the brand, the wines of CVNE display the characteristics of their terroir and favor local grape varieties, such as Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Graciano for reds, and Verdejo and Viura (the local name for Macabeu) for whites. With their intense fruit and aromatic complexity, their power and dense structure, supported by silky tannins, the wines of CVNE offer the perfect La Rioja experience, in wines packed with flavor.

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