The 2019 Bordeaux Vintage

A very promising winemakers’ vintage

Quantity, freshness, ripeness, concentration, sugars and acidity: the 2019 vintage in Bordeaux boasts all the qualities of an outstanding vintage.

Learn more on the 2019 Futures Campaign schedule due to COVID-19
The 2019 Bordeaux Futures campaign has been put on hold as most of the world's economies face uncertainty. The wine-makers in Bordeaux have adapted and will be presenting their wines to the wine world industry in June. It will not be a week-long tasting in Bordeaux as usual, but a lot of smaller industry events to insure everyone's safety while presenting the 2019 vintage. All of the 2019 Bordeaux wines will be tasted by the Millesima Team in Bordeaux on the last week of May. We will be able to give you all the feedback and advice that we always strive to provide you. The prices are planned to be released mid to late June, after the professional tasting. The campaign will be a short one and will certainly be done by mid-July the latest. We encourage you to set up an alert on our website in order to be informed in real time of any price release that interests you. Just click here to set it up.

Bordeaux Futures 2019: quality and quantity reward a challenging vintage

After the tough but nevertheless beautiful 2017 vintage and the incredible 2018, the 2019 continues in the same vein as these exceptional vintages which tested the spirits of winemakers. A vintage marked by extreme weather contrasts, the summer of 2019 saw temperatures soar. The return to cool temperatures and humidity in early September assured a smooth harvest with superb ripeness.

Products of an excellent vintage, the 2019 Bordeaux Futures wines showcase a real "winemaker's'" vintage, requiring constant attention and tireless work in the vineyard to respond effectively to the challenges posed by the climate and the terroir. More than ever, the 2019 vintage underlines the winegrowers' expertise, their ability to bring out the best in the year's harvest without masking the identity of the terroir and working in harmony with nature.

Quantity, freshness, ripeness, concentration, sugars and acidity: the 2019 vintage in Bordeaux boasts all the qualities of an outstanding vintage. On both the left and right banks, including the sweet Barsac and Sauternes varieties, the 2019 Bordeaux Primeurs wines are truly remarkable.

On the left bank, throughout the Médoc, from Pauillac to Saint-Estèphe passing through Saint-Julien and Margaux, the 2019 Bordeaux Primeurs wines stand out for the body and fruitiness of the Merlot, while the Cabernet Sauvignon boasts superb complexity and exceptional freshness both on the nose and on the palate. The structured tannins are nonetheless very smooth, while the acidity level guarantees exceptional aging potential for the most patient wine connoisseurs.

On the right bank, from Saint-Émilion to Pomerol, the 2019 Bordeaux Primeurs wines offer a wonderful expression of the limestone and clay-limestone terroirs through an elegant and beautifully balanced Cabernet Franc. The Merlot, meanwhile, is full of character and is juicy without being heavy. The sweet wines of Sauternes and Barsac offer exceptional freshness, with an excellent balance of fruit and acidity. And finally, the 2019 Bordeaux Dry Whites Futures are utterly stunning and some even surpass the wines of the superb 2018 vintage with their aromatic freshness and high acidity on the palate.

The 2019 Bordeaux Futures will undeniably evolve into beautiful wines and find a very special place in the cellars of Bordeaux wine lovers. Futures wines are usually released starting in April for some of the Bordeaux labels, but in light of current circumstances, they will of course be delayed...