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Montagny Wines

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The Montagny appellation covers more than 320 hectares shared among the Buxy, Jully-les-Buxy, Montagny and Saint-Vallerin communes. There are 49 climates that have the Montagny Premier Cru classification. The vines are located between 250 and 400 meters above sea level, and are on marl soil, or a marl-limestone combination that date back to the Jurassic and Triassic eras. Montagny produces only Chardonnay whites. They develop white flower scents, and sometimes even violet and fern, with added notes of beautiful minerality, lemongrass, dried fruit, white fruit and honey. Montagny wines show a great freshness on the palate along with spicy richness. These wines are fine, delicate and well-structured.Read More