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About Us

New York Fine Wine Merchant located in Manhattan Upper East Side


Was established in 2006 with the mission to bring to the U.S. market the unparalleled selection and dedicated service that has established its parent, Millesima S.A., as Europe’s undisputed leader in the sale of fine wine futures and grand cru wine directly to consumers. New York wine merchant Millesima USA offers a large selection of fine and rare wines at our storefront on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, including the most sought-after French, Italian, and New World wines. We personally select each wine we sell for its quality and value and guarantee the highest quality standards for wine storage, shipment, and customer service. Millesima USA also specializes in the sale of wine futures with supply guaranteed through its parent company in Bordeaux. U.S. consumers are offered the same selection as in Europe, including 125 labels of Bordeaux’s finest wine ranging in formats from half bottles to Imperial.

We are proud to bring Millesima's philosophy and customer commitment to the USA, where we have created a unique portfolio to match the tastes of American wine drinkers. All of these products are purchased from suitably licensed US suppliers and are stored under temperature-controlled conditions. Millesima USA LLC is a legally constituted and appropriately licensed US company managed by an expert staff of American professionals who understand and respect your high expectations for service and selection. We truly hope that you will come to depend on Millesima USA, as consumers have in Europe, as a source of the world's top wines.

Quality and authenticity

We exercise great care in making our wine selections to ensure quality at all price levels. Wines which we offer for sale, whether they are $15 or $150 a bottle, are wines which we believe provide a high level of quality in terms of their price and denomination of origin. We will not offer wines that do not meet our high standards.

An exceptional Choice

We take pride in our product selections. Our list of Bordeaux is particularly extensive and covers Crus Classés and Crus Bourgeois from leading properties. We also have a range of wines from elsewhere in France as well as Italy, the USA, Spain, Australia, and other countries, all of which have been selected with the same care as our Bordeaux portfolio. We have made a serious effort to find limited production wines not available from other merchants. All our wines are stored under temperature-controlled conditions as all fine wines should be (but usually are not!).

Punctual and professional delivery

At Millesima, we strive to deliver your wines as promptly as possible. You can expect to receive any bottled wines marked as “Available” at your indicated shipping address within one week, barring weather-related delays.


Bryan Matland who regularly tastes the wines on offer, is available to answer any questions that you may have. Bryan can be contacted on e-mail: bmatland@millesima.com , or toll free 1-877-MILLUSA - Direct line: 212-639-9463. We have regular in-store tastings on Thursday , 6 to 8 pm, and the wines we present are always of a high standard. Past themes include 2000 Bordeaux, 2001 Italian Reds, Spanish Reds from Leading Estates, Pinot Noir from Burgundy, California and Oregon, and many others. Please call ahead for the schedule. We would love to have you taste before you buy, or just stop in to visit or talk wine!

Introducing... Patrick Bernard and Millesima

Welcome to Millesima. For those of you who don't know us, allow us to introduce you to the company and its founder and Managing Director, Patrick Bernard.
Millesima was founded in 1983 by Patrick Bernard and thanks to its expertise and reliability has become Europe's leading fine wine mail order merchant.
The company began life as Les Vins des Grands Vignobles and became Millesima in 1988, when it published its first catalogue of 100 of Bordeaux's greatest wines, the Grands Crus Classés. Patrick Bernard's aim then, as now, was to bring some of the world's greatest wines direct to wine lovers from the Châteaux.
Since 1992, we have published our list every year on January 1st and it is now available in Germany (€), Belgium(€), Portugal (€), Austria (€), France (€), Switzerland (CHF), Great Britain (£), Ireland (€), Luxembourg (€),Italie (€) and Spain (€). Over the past 15 years, we have made over 300,000 deliveries to more than 65,000 satisfied customers and our expert knowledge and range of top Bordeaux wines is recognised and applauded by the international wine press and the wine trade. We continue to supply more and more wine enthusiasts with top wines from France, Europe and the rest of the world.

Patrick Bernard