Wine and Chicken: Which wines pair best with Chicken/Poultry?

Wine and Chicken

From the timeless Chardonnay to the light Pinot Noir, this food and wine pairing guide is your passport to unforgettable dining experiences with succulent chicken and poultry dishes.

Embarking on a culinary voyage with chicken and poultry is like orchestrating a symphony on your plate—a delightful blend of flavors waiting to be enhanced by the perfect wine companion. Let's explore a realm of wines that pair beautifully with the succulence of these versatile white meats, turning your dining experience into a truly unique and authentic masterpiece. Generally speaking, white meat pairs well with white wine, whereas red meat complements red wines. In this guide, we will suggest both red and white options for you.

White Wines: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Viognier

Chardonnay: Timeless Elegance Unleashed

Chardonnay, a white grape variety with a timeless charm, mirrors the versatility of chicken dishes. Its buttery undertones seamlessly mingle with the richness of roasted or grilled chicken, while its crisp acidity harmoniously complements creamy sauces. Choose an oaked Chardonnay for robust flavors or opt for unoaked for a lighter touch. Serve a Chablis wine from Burgundy with a roasted chicken, coated in a lemon-herb butter sauce.

Sauvignon Blanc: A Zesty Affair

Sauvignon Blanc brings a zesty and refreshing character that effortlessly complements the subtle flavors of poultry. Its citrusy notes elevate the flavors of grilled chicken or a roast infused with the brightness of citrus. Savor the simplicity of Grilled Lemon-Herb Chicken accompanied by the crisp allure of Sauvignon Blanc from California, Italy, Chile or Australia.

Viognier: Floral Finesse Unlocked

Viognier, with its floral aromas and luscious stone fruit flavors, adds a touch of finesse to poultry dishes. It beautifully complements delicate flavors, enhancing dishes like chicken piccata or lemon-infused grilled chicken. Embark on a sensory journey with Lemon-Garlic Butter Chicken, harmonized by the floral elegance of a well-chilled Viognier.

Other white grape varietals

Pairing chicken dishes with Gruner Veltliner, Riesling and Blanc de Blancs Champagne will offer a special tasting experience.

Rosé: Versatile Allure

The versatile charm of Rosé makes it an ideal companion for various poultry and chicken dishes. Its crispness and fruit-forward profile elevate the essence of grilled, roasted, or even fried chicken. Delight in the simplicity of herb-roasted chicken thighs alongside the refreshing hues of a chilled glass of Rosé from Provence.

Red Wines & Chicken: Pinot Noir & Zinfandel

Pinot Noir: Earthy Elegance Unveiled

Pinot Noir, with its delicate blend of red fruit and earthy undertones, gracefully partners with roasted or grilled poultry. Its lighter body adds a touch of elegance without overpowering the dish. Embark on a culinary journey with Roast Turkey and Cranberry Sauce paired with a finely balanced Pinot Noir. Are you looking for the perfect wine to pair with your Thanksgiving meal? Discover our article on the Best Wines For Your Thanksgiving Dinner!

Zinfandel: Bold and Spicy Revelry

For those seeking a spicy rendezvous, Zinfandel steps up with bold flavors and a hint of pepper, enhancing the essence of barbecued or spiced chicken delights. Ignite your taste buds with Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings, harmonized by the robust character of Zinfandel.

Savoring Every Note

Pairing wines with chicken and poultry is an art—a personal journey that allows you to craft a unique dining experience. Whether you navigate the classics like Chardonnay or venture into uncharted territories like Zinfandel, the essence lies in relishing the interplay of flavors with each delightful bite and sip. Uncork a bottle, let the culinary adventure unfold, and here's to discovering the perfect pairings that resonate uniquely with your palate! For more inspiration on various food and wine pairing options, discover all our food and wine pairing articles on our blog!

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