Barolo 2020 & Barbaresco 2021: two remarkable vintages

Barolo and Barbaresco

Discover the finest nuances of Piedmont's terroir in two outstanding new vintages. From the subtlety of Barolo 2020 to the power of Barbaresco 2021, let yourself be carried away by the beauty of these Piedmontese gems.

Piedmont, stemming from the Latin, "ad pedem montium" meaning "at the foot of the mountains," derives its name from the majestic peaks that surround this renowned region, including the rolling landscape of the Langhe, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Beyond its breathtaking landscapes, the region is also the birthplace of true oenological treasures recognized by enthusiasts worldwide. You guessed it, we are talking about the famous Barolo and Barbaresco wines, the sublime expressions of the Nebbiolo grape variety.

Aged for at least three and two years respectively, Barolo and Barbaresco take time to express their full potential, so when they finally reveal themselves, it is a noteworthy event. To mark the occasion , we are delighted to present the latest vintages of these two prestigious appellations: Barolo 2020 and Barbaresco 2021.

Barolo 2020, in all subtlety...

Barolo 2020 is fine and smooth and reveals rich and fruity aromas, making it unusually more accessible in its youth. Unlike the previous year, this is a fresh vintage, giving it a more subtle structure while revealing a striking balance. This vintage was more favorable for the winemakers and enabled the teams to harvest remarkably acidic grapes, promising utterly fine wines.

Barbaresco 2021, a vintage for aging

The 2021 vintage was harvested late and the vintage in Barbaresco produced beautifully mature and extracted grapes. These conditions allowed for prolonged macerations, giving rise to colorful wines with very present tannins. These powerful and ageworthy wines still need to rest in the cellar for a few more years before revealing all their complexity.

Exploring these two gems of Piedmont is a great way to appreciate the duality between finesse and power, elegance and robustness: from the subtle and refined Barolo 2020 to the powerful and intense Barbaresco 2021, let yourself be carried away by the finest nuances of the Piedmontese terroir!

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