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millesima wine guide

Welcome to the Millesima Wine Guide, a space designed to inspire our community of wine lovers. Here you will find a selection of articles on a selection of wine-related topics : everything from food and wine pairing suggestions and wine recommendations for special occasions to FAQ’s on big names in the wine world and tips to serving your most cherished bottles.


Do you have a special meal with family and friends planned, but aren’t sure which wine to serve ? Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect dish to match with your favorite bottle of wine? Be it for a simple weekday dinner or a festive feast with loved ones, the right wine can transform any meal into a thrilling culinary experience. In this section of our Wine Guide you will find our top recommendations for food and wine pairings, featuring everything from a classic cheese and charcuterie board to your next Thanksgiving dinner. Bon appetit!

guide to food and wine pairing


Thinking about starting your own wine collection but not sure how to go about it? Or maybe you’re looking to invest in new glassware, but you’re not sure which model to choose? Ever wonder how many calories there are in a glass of red wine? We explore these fascinating topics in the Wine Tips section of our Wine Guide. Here you will find a selection of articles with tips for all levels of wine lovers, from beginners to our most seasoned wine connoisseurs. Browse our Wine Tips for information on various wine styles, grape varieties, glassware, wine tasting and more!

our wine tips


Veuve Clicquot. Moet. Margaux. Dom Perignon. Petrus… These are legendary wine brands that need no introduction. But how much do you really know about them? For example, did you know that it was Madame (Veuve) Clicquot who first invented the process of riddling? Or that Moet’s “Imperial” champagne was named after Napoleon Bonaparte, one of Moet’s first “brand ambassadors”? In this section of our Wine Guide we try our best to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about top wine brands. Learn more about their brand name, history, vintages, styles and price!

our wine faq's


Looking for the perfect wine to bring to a backyard barbecue with your new neighbors on Memorial Day weekend? Or maybe you seek a festive bottle of bubbly to open at Mother’s Day brunch? The right bottle of wine has the potential to make any special occasion even more memorable. This section of our Wine Guide is dedicated to life’s most important moments and the wines that best accompany them. Discover our recommendations for wines to open on Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, your 10 year anniversary and more!

wines for every occasion


Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot? Dry wine vs sweet wine? Champagne coupe or Champagne flute? Which one will you choose? In this section of our Wine Guide we take a closer look at popular wine styles and discuss the major similarities and differences between them. Did you know, for example, that Champagne is made with the méthode chapenoise while Prosecco is made with the Charmat method, and that this results in major differences in aroma and mouthfeel? Browse our Wine Battle articles to learn more!

wine battle


A sparkling wine famously produced in the northeast of France, Champagne clearly needs no introduction. This sought-after bubbly is the perfect choice for celebrating a special moment, no matter what the occasion. But how well do you know this unique style of fine wine? For example, do you know how Champagne is made? How about the differences between Champagne and other sparkling wines? And have you already tasted the different types of champagne? In Our Champagne Guide, we try to answer all of these pertinent questions and to give you a more global understanding of this fascinating bubbly wine.

champagne guide