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moet faq

Your Questions about Moet Champagne, Answered!

Have some questions about Moet? Let’s see if we can answer some of them. If not, do not hesitate to contact our sales team directly to find out more !

First, the name. Is it Moet, or Moët, or Moet Chandon, or Moet and Chandon?

Moet Champagne gets its name from its founder, Claude Moët, and his partner Pierre-Gabriel Chandon de Briailles. The company was officially renamed Moët & Chandon (also written as Moet & Chandon, Moet et Chandon in French or Moet and Chandon in English) in the year 1833, after Pierre-Gabriel Chandon’s daughter married into the Moet family.

Is Moet & Chandon part of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH)?

Yes. In the year 1971, the Moet and Chandon company merged with Hennessy Cognac and the trio later added on Louis Vuitton in 1987. This strategic merger resulted in the formation of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH), which is today the largest luxury group in the world.

About the pronunciation of Moet: How to pronounce Moet?

Surprisingly, the “-t” in Moet should be pronounced. While Moet & Chandon is a French brand, the founder Claude Moët was descended from a Dutch family who had been established in the region of Champagne since the 1300’s. In French, the “-t” in a word ending in “-et” is generally not pronounced, so by French pronunciation rules, it would be “Mo-ay.” However, in Dutch the final “-t” is, in fact pronounced. So the correct pronunciation of the brand name is “Mo-wett ay Shon-don.”

About Moet Champagne Price: What is the price of a Moet bottle?

If you are wondering about Moet price, it is important to consider the cuvée. The price of Moet Chandon Champagne will fluctuate quite a bit due to market influences, like availability of each Moet and Chandon Champagne bottle. The Moet and Chandon Imperial or the same Moet Chandon Imperial in a Gift Box usually costs around $53-70 per standard 750 mL bottle, depending on market conditions. Meanwhile, the price of the Moet Rose tends to be somewhere between $63-80 per 750 mL bottle. The Moet Rose Champagne usually costs more than the Moet Chandon Imperial Brut. Mini Moet bottles of the Moet Imperial and Moet Chandon Rose are also available. A Mini Moet (375 mL bottle) of the Moet Imperial Brut will cost around $27-40, while the Moet Rose Imperial in half-bottle (375 mL) will cost between $32-40. A Mini Moet bottle 6 pack or a picknick basket full of mini Moet champagne bottles is a wonderful choice for a celebration with friends!

What is the Moet and Chandon Imperial Brut?

The Moet Imperial Champagne is the flagship cuvée of the brand, believed to have been named after Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the very first brand ambassadors of Moet and Chandon. It is made from blending over 100 different base wines, of which roughly 20-30% are reserve wines. Each “Imperial” Moet Champagne bottle contains a blend of the three Champagne grapes: 30-40% Pinot Noir, 30-40% Pinot Meunier and 20-30% Chardonnay.

What about the Moet Rose? How is the Moet and Chandon Rose made?

The Moet Champagne Rose Imperial is a rosé champagne made from 40-50% Pinot Noir, 30-40% Pinot Meunier and 10-20% Chardonnay and dosed with 7 grams of sugar per liter. This is considered a spontaneous and energetic expression of the Moet & Chandon signature style.

What is the Moet Ice Imperial?

The Moet Ice Imperial (a.k.a. Ice Imperial or simply Moet Ice) is the very first champagne created to be served over ice. It is dosed with 45 grams of sugar per liter, which technically makes it a Demi-Sec champagne with a touch of sweetness on the palate. The Moet Ice champagne is known for its very broad, fleshy and voluptuous texture, and its nose of tropical fruits, stone fruits and touches of raspberry. It should ideally be chilled to 7°C and served in a glass with 3 large ice cubes.

What is the Off White Moet?

Off White Moet is in reference to a partnership that took place in 2018 between the Moet & Chandon Champagne House, the Off-White brand and visionary late Louis Vuitton designer Virgil Abloh. The collaboration culminated in the creation of a limited edition collection Moet & Chandon c/o Virgil Abloh collection, containing the Moet Imperial Rosé.