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Chateau Kefraya : Blanc de Blancs 2017

$19.99 1 Bottle (750ML) |
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    A Lebanese White Wine with Notes of White Fruit and Flowers

    Michel de Bustros first planted the vines of Chateau Kefraya in 1979, in the midst of the Lebanese Civil War. Today, the estate expands over 300 hectares of vineyards on the terraced slopes of Mount Barouk in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. On these slopes, a diverse mosaic of micro-terroirs can be found, and the mountain is home to a wide range of grape varietals. The vineyards are managed according to principles of sustainable viticulture and minimal intervention. Bustros was an avid fan of painting and the opera, believing in the art of the composition. The wines of Chateau Kefraya are created with these principles in mind, through blending a wide range of varietals and terroirs with the purpose of achieving greater complexity. The Blanc de Blanc 2017 from Chateau Kefraya is made with a blend of Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Muscat a Petits Grains and Clairette. The manual harvest is followed by destemming and maceration on the skins. The fruit is then pressed and left to settle. The juice goes through cold stabilization and then alcoholic fermentation, followed by a final stabilization.

    At the tasting, Blanc de Blanc 2017 from Chateau Kefraya shows off a beautiful pale yellow color. The bouquet is rich and luscious, expressing fruit notes (pineapple, peach and grapefruit), as well as floral fragrances (lilies and white acacia). On the palate, this wine demonstrates great elegance, smoothness and liveliness, leaving an impression of fullness and roundness. The flavors on the palate complement those on the nose, with touches of apricot, mango and honey achieving great harmony. The finish is generous and long, rounding out the palate with slight herbal notes.
    Bekaa Valley
    Grape varieties
    Viognier/Clairette/Sauvignon Blanc/Muscat Blanc/Bourboulenc/Chardonnay

    Dessert wine


    Bekaa Valley


    Chateau Kefraya

    Contains sulfites